All About Tanks

by May 9, 2020

In this 3-parts series of articles, we will be discussing all about tanks: how to determine your tank dimensions, choose between rimless or braced tanks, the right materials in building your aquarium, and inspecting your aquarium tank before purchasing.

Aquarium Custom Stand & Cabinet Aquascaped by Fritz Rabaya Philippines

Aquarium Tank Dimensions

After choosing your aquarium’s ideal location at your home and the stand to be used, you have to determine your aquarium tank dimensions. You have to take measurements of the Length, Width, and Height (LxWxH) of the stand. Consider where you will put your equipment, tools such as aquarium filter, aquascaping tools (straight tweezers, curved scissors), siphon, etc.

Rimless Tank Aquascaped by Geoffrey Javier Philippines

Rimless or Braced Tanks

Have you heard of Rimless or Braced aquarium tanks before? This article will help you decide if you want a Rimless Tank or a Braced Tank for your planted aquarium.

Low Iron Glass and Clear Glass Comparison

The Right Material for Your Aquarium

Have you ever wondered what types of glass are used in building our Aquariums, or are there any other materials that we can use? In this article, we will be discussing the right material for your aquarium.

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