by Jun 19, 2022

In this section, you will find extra learnings that you can apply to your planted aquarium at home. Everything that is not covered by the Essentials Section will be here. For example, we don’t have the same pet shop that supplies us with faunas and other essentials, and we don’t have the same water quality and same water volume. We don’t have the same lights, same layout, same hardscape, same plants, same filter, same fertilizers, dosing regimen, if injecting CO2, etc. Every planted tank is unique. We all have different situations and your adjustments are the key to being successful with this hobby.

Below are the links to some of these supplemental learnings:

Drip Acclimation Method

It is the process of slowly acclimating your newly bought fish/es, snails, shrimps, etc. from the pet store to your tank water parameters. You may have very different water parameters than the water from the pet store.

The Drip Acclimation method raises the chances of your newly bought faunas surviving the transfer and being as stress-free as possible.

Filter Maintenance Along With Water Change

Contrary to popular practice, some hobbyists will say that you cannot perform filter maintenance along with your water change schedule. This happened to me on some occasions due to scheduling conflicts or unforeseen circumstances. That you may kill or wash away a significant amount of your beneficial bacteria when doing so.

Osmosis in Planted Aquariums

Osmosis is the process in which any solvent moves through a membrane in a direction from lower concentration to higher concentration that tends to equalize the solutes’ concentration on both sides. The membrane should be semi-permeable and good examples are the cells of the aquatic faunas and plants.

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